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Why A Single Design Build Source

Many people hire an architect to “design” their home remodeling project, and then hire a contractor to “build” the project.  You can imagine what happens when something does not go right.  The architect blames the contractor, and the contractor blames the architect.  You, the client, are left feeling frustrated. Hence the value in using a design-build firm.

Michael Menn Ltd. can be your single source for architecture and construction.  This provides two tremendous advantages for you.

  • We think like architects and builders.  So when we design a space, we think through the construction implications of our work.  And when we build the space, we always have the design in mind.
  • We are responsible for everything.  If something goes wrong at any stage of the project, we own the problem, and will continue to own the problem until it is fixed.  There is absolutely no finger pointing.

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