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It’s Not Always about Wow!

Posted on June 8th, by Michael Menn in Uncategorized. Comments Off on It’s Not Always about Wow!

People in my profession frequently think that to be inspiring, we have to create something that will make folks say “Wow!”  That often starts with an amazing and unforgettable front exterior complete with elaborate landscaping, fancy lighting, ornate doors, etc.  We think that may be the only way to enhance curb appeal.

But sometimes clients don’t want “wow.”  They want simple and elegant, because that reflects their personality.  And the fact is, you can create great curb appeal with an exterior that is attractive.  People will drive up to the front of your house, and will like it.  It is simple without being intimidating.

So if your vision is to have an inviting exterior without a lot of flash and pizzazz, you can look at the photo to get an idea of how that is accomplished.

  • The landscaping is clean and attractive, without being overpowering.  It provides a framework for the house.
  • The same holds true of the entranceway.  It is not fancy, but we did extend it out to make it a focal point.  The brick on the entranceway was stained to match the existing brick.
  • Notice the front porch, where the homeowners can sit outside and talk or read, or watch their children play.

So if simple and elegant is your style, here are a few thoughts.

  • Make sure there is balance.  Notice the following in the photo:
    • The landscaping is balanced.  One side is not elevated higher than the other.  The landscaping is similar on both sides.
    • The landscaping parts at the entryway.
    • The windows are balanced…distributed evenly on the second floor.
    • The shape of the roof is balanced
  • The entryway needs to be clearly visible (while this may seem obvious, too many times houses are designed, you get there, and you ask: “where is the front door?”)
    • The entranceway is slightly in front of the rest of the house, making it more prominent
    • As mentioned above, the landscaping parts right at the doorway
    • The walkway leads right up to the front door
  • Finally, although it is not pictured here, carry through on the style and personality inside the house and in the back yard.

So when people drive up to your house for the first time, even if there first impression isn’t “wow,” they can still see an attractive setting that will inspire them to come in.

What have you done to make sure people have a positive first impression when they see your home?

Keep it simple.


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