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What if you Are Tired of Your Mural, but Still Love your Decorative Finish?

Posted on November 16th, by Michael Menn in Interior Design. No Comments

This month we are featuring a blog from painter Mario Guertin of Painting in Partnership, Inc. Read more on this project where they updated an older wall mural but kept the finish the client loved! 
What if you Are Tired of Your Mural, but Still Love your Decorative Finish?

A client from the North Shore of Chicago recently had a problem with the decorative finishing in her living room. The problem was two-fold: she was tired of her fifteen-year old trompe l’oeil mural, but still loved the strie texture and softly mottled glazed finish on her walls. She was also looking to change the color of the wall from a blueish green to a yellowish green. The main challenges were to make the mural completely disappear, including its painterly texture, and recreate the strie texture in the surrounding walls.

A strie finish is a traditional finish that is generally created by dragging a brush, a comb or steel wool through a glaze, thereby creating a vertical or horizontal pattern (sometime both). In this case, the strie pattern was created not by dragging a comb through a glaze, but the basecoat instead, which made for a very subtle texture. In order to prevent the finish … Read More »

Kitchen Renovation

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You’re Getting Older, But…

Posted on October 4th, by Michael Menn in Aging In Place. Comments Off on You’re Getting Older, But…

You’re Getting Older, But…


Those tell-tell signs are there.


First you got married. Then your kids were born. Before you knew it, they were off to college. Maybe they are already out of college. Maybe THEY are married. Maybe you even are (the word that shall not be mentioned)…


Want more signs? Maybe you’re not running that 5K or marathon as fast as you used to. Or instead of playing two rounds of golf a day on that golf trip, you’re only playing one. And by the way, how are you enjoying that new knee?


You aren’t alone. There are more than 38 million 55+ households in the U.S., and that number is growing. AARP recently conducted a survey, almost 90% of Americans older than 65 say they want to remain in their home for as long as possible.


The good news is that modern medicine and our stubborn Baby Boomer mentality are indeed slowing the aging process. We watch our diets, we exercise, we get all those screenings. So we remain productive. For goodness sake, a 100-year old man just finished a marathon last month.


Which brings us to where we will be living as we age. More and more, we want to stay in … Read More »