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Bathroom Design

Posted on May 1st, by Michael Menn in Bathrooms. No Comments

Bathroom Design

So, what is it that makes these master bathrooms so beautiful to look at? There are no custom designed fixtures or over-the-top finishes that will cost you an arm and a leg.

However: it is the way in which all the elements in these bathrooms work so perfectly together. They compliment one another and are in perfect balance in scale, placement and design, creating these tranquil and restful rooms.

Design Note:

If your bathroom has access to the outdoors, visually opening it up with huge picture windows or with direct access to the outdoors, adds to both the aesthetics as well as the bathing experience.

And of course you could take that one step further – if you have adjoining space in your garden – by extending the bathroom to add an outdoor shower.


Optimal Bathroom Layouts

Granted, having a lot of space to play with makes the layout easier, although there is a danger of ending up with a vast (boring) central space if fixtures are all arranged around the walls.

Placing the bath in the center of the room is inspirational. Not only does it create symmetry and a strong focal point, it also cleverly divides this en-suite bathroom into his and hers areas.

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Do We do Commercial Renovation?

Posted on February 17th, by Michael Menn in Commercial Projects. Comments Off on Do We do Commercial Renovation?

Do We do Commercial Renovation?


Yes, we do! Not many people know that more than a third of our work (design and build) occurs on the commercial side of the spectrum. To Michael Menn Ltd., this is an extension of our residential roots. We have worked on projects ranging from converting 15,000 square foot- of warehouse into Class ‘A’ office space for one of our clients to several restaurants and retail stores.


Recently, we were approached by Resurrection Health Care to help them develop a new prototype for their health system. By partnering with Jewel Food Stores and Resurrection Hospital we created a new style of walk-in clinic. This is not your average 250 square foot clinic usually associated with either a drugstore chain or food chain, this was an 800 square foot clinic where the palette of services rendered was much more extensive.


Meeting the Challenge – Design

The design challenge was magnified because the only walk-in clinics to date, were small and limited in the services they could provide because of the staff available. All clinics were located in stores that were owned either by the drugstores or food stores. We worked with both the hospital and Jewel Food Stores to understand … Read More »

Personal Reflection

Posted on December 9th, by Michael Menn in Reflection. Comments Off on Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection


I would like to say to all my family, friends and associates thank you for making me the person I am today. Without all of you I might not be the person I am.


Why did I choose architecture and construction as my career?


We all have different motivations. Indeed, there are many legitimate reasons, and I have thought long and hard about why I chose to enter this challenging and rewarding world. I have come up with three reasons.


I like to create and enjoy the creative process. I love being challenged by a problem, and then coming up with a solution. I love seeing something I design come to reality. I love looking at a beautiful new kitchen or room addition or office space and thinking: “I did that.”


What we do makes the world a better place. I believe, and you should too, that the work we do actually makes our clients’ lives better. It might be that we make their lives easier merely from a functional standpoint (aging-in-place features, sustainable design, for example). It may be that what we create is so magnificent it is a major source of pride for our clients.


Ego – now I have gotten to … Read More »