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Technology, We Can’t Live Without It!

Posted on May 8th, by Michael Menn in Remodeling, Technology. Comments Off on Technology, We Can’t Live Without It!

I have enjoyed partnering with Joe Barrett at Barrett’s Technology Solutions for a number of projects.

Joe helps us to help our clients integrate technology into the spaces that we have created for them, truly rounding out their home experiences.


Technology integration is the practice of designing spaces where technology is both accessible and future-ready. Technology integrators work with architects and their clients to define technology needs, and then handle the design and installation of customized home automation, security, entertainment and related sub-systems.

Today’s homeowners want features like distributed audio, custom home theaters or open concept entertainment areas, and automated control systems. From a more practical standpoint, they’re interested in security systems, energy efficiency, and secure remote access that not only protects what’s inside but also ensures their network and personal information are secure.

Architecture, A Social Art.

Posted on March 4th, by Michael Menn in Architecture, Renovation. Comments Off on Architecture, A Social Art.

Architecture remains a social art.  It can have a profound impact on the people it affects not only at creation, but for years to come.

No textbook or continuing education class could ever accurately illustrate the impact our designs have on the people who live or work in the spaces we create.  Our clients trust us to improve their lives by converting the dreams and goals they have for their homes into reality.  That means listening to them, and making sure we understand those dreams and goals.

For example, many of my clients today live in older homes.  Too often, we equate old with bad.  If a house is old, we want to get rid of all the vestiges of the building’s past, and replace it with all new.  A growing number of our clients, though, appreciate the beauty and the charm of their old homes.  They want to renovate their residences by adding modern amenities making them more livable, but also insist that we work to replicate those details that lent character and texture to their homes.

One such client – a couple living in a four-story row house built in the 1890s in Chicago’s Gold Coast, recently experienced the joy of … Read More »