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Master Suites in the North Shore

Posted on March 9th, by Michael Menn in Bath Suite Projects, Master Suites. Comments Off on Master Suites in the North Shore

Master Suites

The term “master suite” implies that the space is much more than merely a master bedroom and bath. While the overall size of new homes continues to drop, the master area seems to demand more attention than ever. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the master bath and closets are just larger and grander. In years past, we’ve seen some rather spectacular baths; you probably recall the elaborate fireplaces, bathtubs large enough for the kids to swim in, and ornate chandeliers that might have been more appropriate in the grand foyer.

While some of our current master areas might still be rather large, the focus is now on the functionality of the space. More thought has been put into the efficient use of storage and features that will be used on a daily basis. For instance, laundry areas are often found adjacent to the master bath. A home office might be an integral component of the suite. For those clients who are empty nesters, the master suite has evolved into a retreat that almost becomes a self-contained living area. While the following designs for master suites vary in size and amenities, each pays careful attention to efficient and functional details.
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Embracing Excellence

Posted on January 4th, by Michael Menn in Architecture, Change, Excellence. Comments Off on Embracing Excellence

Over the last several years, I have seen – and I’m sure you have to – a growing trend by consumers to seek design solutions that are not traditional.

Instead, clients are demanding designs that are customized to create environments that meet their unique and what some might even call atypical lifestyles.

As a design professional, I crave these opportunities, because they let me flex my creative muscles and provide the personalized design that is the essence of what I do.  These opportunities also allow me to solve challenges I would not encounter in a more “traditional” project.

Recently I had such an opportunity to flex my creative muscles and create a unique living environment.  Before I tell you what I did, let’s review what I mean by a more “traditional project.

Spaces in the 80’s and 90’s were designed around the themes of “bigger is better” and “formal is better.”  It was not uncommon to see massive kitchens that would not have been out of place in an upscale restaurant, and bathrooms that featured swimming pool sized tubs and showers that resembled car washes.  Formal areas such as the living room and dining room were designed with the apparent goal of replicating palaces … Read More »