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Think “TADA!” To Light Up Your Rooms

Posted on December 16th, by in Renovation. Comments Off on Think “TADA!” To Light Up Your Rooms

Whether it’s a small Powder Room or large two-story Family Room, lighting plays a big part in the ambience and emotional impact of the space. This is why I spend so much time on lighting design for all our projects, and why homeowners should think about all the things that lighting can do to paint the scene.


Room lighting is more than a way to illuminate objects. When done properly, it enhances everything else in the room — enabling people to process information, performs tasks safety, and appreciate the artwork, colors and furnishings defining the space. So I always begin by asking our clients several questions before I start working on lighting design:

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Are the activities in the room active or passive?
What is the room size and shape?
What is the exterior orientation of the room?
Is natural light in abundance? At what times?
Who will use the space?


Energy savings and low-maintenance convenience are factors, of course, but should not override visual interest. Simply throwing light around, with everything at the same brightness, is boring to the eyes and senses. Layering light is an important principle, and today’s control systems (dimmers, switches and timers) not only provide lifestyle-friendly illumination from your lighting … Read More »