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Spring Awakening and Design

Posted on May 19th, by in Bath Suite Projects, Interior Design, Organization. 1 Comment

This month we reached out to a Chicago Interior Designer we enjoy collaborating with as our guest blogger! We think Cadmium Interiors is great at what they do and how they help to compliment our collaborative team. I met Kristin Taghon at a Powerhouse SMART® event which is a networking group for Luxury Design-Build professionals. Read below, Kristin’s thoughts on simplifying, organizing and interior design!

Spring evokes feelings of awakening and renewal, beauty and even simplification. Every spring we speak of Spring Cleaning and removing clutter from our lives. We want to see clearly out our windows at the fresh new foliage, toss open those windows to welcome the new season. When we open our world to others, we want to be proud of our space, which we hope is uncluttered, orderly and beautiful.

Interior Design is often equated to beauty. Ancient Roman Architecture equated beauty to order. We also relate order to efficiency. And efficiency requires simplification.

As an interior designer, my goal is to help our clients to simplify their lives and in turn, produce spatial balance, organization and beauty. This is done by creating balance in color, texture, weight of furniture and architectural elements, as well as guaranteeing the client has enough storage, lighting, electrical … Read More »

Architecture, A Social Art.

Posted on March 4th, by Michael Menn in Architecture, Renovation. Comments Off on Architecture, A Social Art.

Architecture remains a social art.  It can have a profound impact on the people it affects not only at creation, but for years to come.

No textbook or continuing education class could ever accurately illustrate the impact our designs have on the people who live or work in the spaces we create.  Our clients trust us to improve their lives by converting the dreams and goals they have for their homes into reality.  That means listening to them, and making sure we understand those dreams and goals.

For example, many of my clients today live in older homes.  Too often, we equate old with bad.  If a house is old, we want to get rid of all the vestiges of the building’s past, and replace it with all new.  A growing number of our clients, though, appreciate the beauty and the charm of their old homes.  They want to renovate their residences by adding modern amenities making them more livable, but also insist that we work to replicate those details that lent character and texture to their homes.

One such client – a couple living in a four-story row house built in the 1890s in Chicago’s Gold Coast, recently experienced the joy of … Read More »

Traditional and Contemporary: Can They Coexist?

Posted on September 10th, by Michael Menn in Uncategorized. Comments Off on Traditional and Contemporary: Can They Coexist? defines a tradition as “a customary or characteristic method or manner.”

It defines contemporary as “of the present time, modern.”

Seems like the two are diametrically opposite of each other and can’t coexist.  Right?

Actually wrong.

There are lots of examples in everyday life of traditional and contemporary (or modern) coexisting harmoniously.  I’m a baseball fan, so I will use that as an example.  Baseball fans are traditionalists, yet they also crave modern amenities when going to a game.  The ballparks built over the last 20 years or so reflect these seemingly disparate desires.  The parks themselves were constructed with a “throwback” architectural style reminiscent of the look of parks built 100 years ago or more.  Baseball traditionalists love the intimacy these fields project.

Yet these parks are also quite modern.  They include features ranging from expansive concourses with different types of foods and souvenir shops, to high tech scoreboards with video screens for replays and races with animated characters, as well as up to the minute scores from around the league.  Baltimore’s Camden Yards is really the first of this style park, but you can now find these venues from New York to San Francisco…from Texas to Minnesota.

Of course, Chicago has no such … Read More »