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You’re Getting Older, But…

Posted on October 4th, by Michael Menn in Aging In Place. Comments Off on You’re Getting Older, But…

You’re Getting Older, But…


Those tell-tell signs are there.


First you got married. Then your kids were born. Before you knew it, they were off to college. Maybe they are already out of college. Maybe THEY are married. Maybe you even are (the word that shall not be mentioned)…


Want more signs? Maybe you’re not running that 5K or marathon as fast as you used to. Or instead of playing two rounds of golf a day on that golf trip, you’re only playing one. And by the way, how are you enjoying that new knee?


You aren’t alone. There are more than 38 million 55+ households in the U.S., and that number is growing. AARP recently conducted a survey, almost 90% of Americans older than 65 say they want to remain in their home for as long as possible.


The good news is that modern medicine and our stubborn Baby Boomer mentality are indeed slowing the aging process. We watch our diets, we exercise, we get all those screenings. So we remain productive. For goodness sake, a 100-year old man just finished a marathon last month.


Which brings us to where we will be living as we age. More and more, we want to stay in … Read More »

Home Safety Month Tips to Protect Your Home

Posted on June 9th, by Michael Menn in Aging In Place, Remodeling. Comments Off on Home Safety Month Tips to Protect Your Home

Home Safety Month Tips to Protect Your Home

By: Michael Menn


Vice President, (Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago)


Owning a home is the most valued long-term investment most Americans ever make. And owning your home is much more than a material asset; homeownership builds a sense of stability, pride, accomplishment and peace of mind. So protecting your home—and your loved ones that live in it—is a top priority for most families.


During Home Safety Month in June, here are some tips from the National Crime Prevention Council ( to keep your home and your family safe from crime.

Inside your home:

Install key locks, pins or other secure locks on every window and sliding glass door.
Secure windows and sliding doors with secondary blocking devices such as a stick or broom handle.
Use anti-lift devices to prevent windows and glass doors from being lifted out.
Use high quality Grade-1 or -2 locks with a bolt that extends at least one inch into the doorframe to resist prying open or forceful entry.
Use automatic timers to switch indoors lights on and off if you’re going to be away from home overnight.
If you have an alarm system, don’t write your passcode on or near the alarm keypad. … Read More »

Active Living: A Trend That’s Here To Stay

Posted on August 6th, by Michael in Aging In Place, Architecture. Comments Off on Active Living: A Trend That’s Here To Stay

Older adults are demanding more from their long-term living environments today. No longer willing to settle for a place to simply reside, today’s seniors are looking for activities, amenities, and design features that support their desires for life-long learning, community engagement, and modern conveniences.

Kasey Burke, president, Meta Housing Corporation (Los Angeles), a developer of affordable and market-rate apartment communities for seniors and families, recently shared his thoughts with Environments for Aging on the trends he’s seeing in senior housing and how his residences are adapting.

Environments For Aging: What’s the biggest change happening in aging in place living, right now?

One of the biggest changes we’re seeing is an increased focus on active living.  Builders and remodelers are moving beyond the old adult living model to create environments where boomers don’t just live, they thrive. Newer homes or remodeled homes and condominiums are focused on delivering lifelong enjoyment and active engagement.

Thrive In Your New Space Now!

In response to this demand, must-have amenities in our locations include thoughtfully designed spaces for entertaining, pampering one’s self, cooking and enjoying everyday activities, among others.

However, it’s essential to design these spaces not only for those living in their own living environment who will actively participate, but also for those … Read More »

Help Me – Please!

Posted on July 19th, by Michael Menn in Aging In Place, Architecture. Comments Off on Help Me – Please!

Not surprisingly, consider these facts:

In 2010, approximately 40% of the population was people 65 and over in the United States, as compared to 12% in 2004 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Additionally there are about 76 million Baby Boomers born between 1945 and 1963

Obviously, as people age and want to stay in their homes, there will be more demand for aging in place amenities.  The current economic conditions may even lead to a spike in this demand, as even more people will want to stay in their homes, rather than sell them at depressed prices.

Helping people age-in-place is a topic that is near and dear to me. Over the last five years I have helped both my parents and in-laws modify their living environment to age-in-place. The following questions/answers hopefully can help you or someone you know deal with gracefully aging-in-place.


Questions to ask as you consider remodeling or modifying your home:

How should you modify your home to make it more comfortable?
To age-in-place you will probably need to modify your house as you mature to increase access and maneuverability. These modifications range from the installation of bath and shower grab bars and adjustment of countertop heights to the creation … Read More »

Your Home for Life

Posted on May 7th, by Michael Menn in Uncategorized. Comments Off on Your Home for Life

“Universal design” is a phrase people in our profession like to use these days.  Nationally renowned architect Ronald Mace described universal design as designing the environment to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.

In simple terms, that means designing a house so that people can live in it as they pass through various life stages, or, the Human Life Cycle per the diagram below created by award-winning designer Ellen Cheever.

The concept of universal design is becoming more compelling as the population ages.  More and more homeowners are deciding they don’t want to move, even as their children leave home and they become empty nesters and their physical limitations begin to increase.  They don’t want to deal with the emotional and physical upheaval of moving from a home and community they love and which hold so many wonderful memories.  And, in today’s economic environment, they may be unwilling to sell an asset that has declined in value.

So as you contemplate staying in your home as you age, there are numerous “universal design” features that you can consider to ensure your comfort and safety.  I’ve listed a few for … Read More »