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Spring Awakening and Design

Posted on May 19th, by in Bath Suite Projects, Interior Design, Organization. 1 Comment

This month we reached out to a Chicago Interior Designer we enjoy collaborating with as our guest blogger! We think Cadmium Interiors is great at what they do and how they help to compliment our collaborative team. I met Kristin Taghon at a Powerhouse SMART® event which is a networking group for Luxury Design-Build professionals. Read below, Kristin’s thoughts on simplifying, organizing and interior design!

Spring evokes feelings of awakening and renewal, beauty and even simplification. Every spring we speak of Spring Cleaning and removing clutter from our lives. We want to see clearly out our windows at the fresh new foliage, toss open those windows to welcome the new season. When we open our world to others, we want to be proud of our space, which we hope is uncluttered, orderly and beautiful.

Interior Design is often equated to beauty. Ancient Roman Architecture equated beauty to order. We also relate order to efficiency. And efficiency requires simplification.

As an interior designer, my goal is to help our clients to simplify their lives and in turn, produce spatial balance, organization and beauty. This is done by creating balance in color, texture, weight of furniture and architectural elements, as well as guaranteeing the client has enough storage, lighting, electrical outlets and space to perform daily tasks. Today, I’ll address organization and simplification.




Less clutter helps to simplify life, create efficiency and a calm existence. For example, in a bathroom, we like to install pullout shelves on the bottom of vanities for easy access to all items such as cleaning products; we can install an outlet inside the cabinetry so that chargeable items such as electric toothbrushes can be stored out of sight. Less clutter can also be created by dedicating space for all necessary items. For example, build one or more shower niches that can hold all bath products that everyone uses. We create efficiency by making sure a GFCI outlet is within arm’s reach for effortless use by each inhabitant. Finally, guarantee there is enough light for reading, applying makeup, shaving and reading medicine bottles. Add dimmers so that nighttime lighting is less harsh on your eyes on those midnight trips to the bathroom.


These are just a select number of ideas for making order within a space.

We love collaborating with Design/Builders such as Michael Menn Ltd. to create functional, safe living and work environments that reflect the clients’ lifestyle using quality products and workmanship.  The experts ensure that the new design is to code, that correct materials for the project are installed accurately and will perform effectively within the lifestyle environment of the client. What better way to start off your Spring, knowing that your project is in the right hands!

About the author:

Kristin Taghon of Cadmium Interiors

Kristin Taghon of Cadmium Interiors

Kristin Taghon is one of the co-principals and owners of Cadmium Interiors, LLC at their new design studio at 612 W Wrightwood, Chicago, IL. She and her business partner, Jasmin Marie come from a background of fine art and have held jobs in project management, retail furniture and lighting design. We approach each project as a composition of functionality and beauty. We aim to design a space that reflects our client and pushes the boundaries to include moments of luxury for a truly unique and beautiful space.

One thought on “Spring Awakening and Design

  1. Thoughtful and interesting article, Kristin! We all need to create environments that help us manage stress and create calm in our lives. Bathrooms are the perfect spot to do so. Great and practical ideas!