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Remodeling Resolutions You Won’t Want To Break

Posted on January 17th, by in Remodeling. Comments Off on Remodeling Resolutions You Won’t Want To Break

Part 1 of 2


If you want 2014 to be a breakout year for your home, your planning should start now for upcoming remodeling projects. January gives you an opportunity to reflect on which areas of your home could better serve your needs, and set some goals to reach your dream.


While your resolutions to lose weight or learn French may be history by month’s end, it’s relatively simple to achieve your remodeling goals if you work with the right architect. Of course we hope that would be us. But in the meantime, here’s the first half of a set of essential New Year’s resolutions for the weeks ahead:



1)  Put a high value on your time.


Take the time to prepare and think about the reasons you want to remodel. Create a list of what “works” and what doesn’t for your current lifestyle.


Why is this important?  By taking the time to create a list you have taken the first step in moving forward on this endeavor. You actually own how you want to make your life better through your living environment.


2)  Seek inspiration.


More and more design professionals are showcasing their work online, making it easy for you to find examples of things you like … and things you don’t. Use sites like, and to search, find and copy photos and videos that appeal to you, and share them with others.


Why is this important?  Other design professionals have successfully designed living environments for the clients that you can draw upon. While it’s good to think outside the box, be sure you give yourself a moment to think if you really like or don’t like a particular design element.  This will help in the process of your actual remodeling.


3)  Set realistic goals and budgets for your remodeling.


Figuring on what you paid for home improvements years ago, or taking the prices shown on TV home “reality” shows as gospel, can lead to unrealistic design budgets. That’s why it’s so important to talk to professionals who can help you prioritize your goals and help you resolve what you want to accomplish at a cost you can afford.


Why is this important?  While most clients think they know how much things cost, in actuality few get it correct. Today, many building products have seasonal peaks and valleys, or are traded rather than being purchased outright. So their prices can vary weekly or monthly — and in most cases the products builders use are totally different grades than what the big box home improvement store carries.


4)  Spend more time with family and friends.


The majority of our clients (no matter what their age) tell us that one of their major reasons for remodeling is to make their current home or apartment more inviting for family and friends. As much as we may love to work, there is no substitute for being close to the people we care the most about.


Why is this important?  Our lives are so hectic, taking the time to enjoy family and friends in a well designed and executed environment is not really a luxury — it’s a daily necessity.


5)  Optimize, not maximize.


Sometimes what serves you best is not the latest, greatest or largest – it’s the solution that gets the details right. Think less light, more bulb.


Why is this important?  Many times we get caught up in the “more is better” mentality. It has been my experience that a great space designed specifically for a client can achieve the same result in a much smaller area.



As Victor Hugo wrote in Les Misérables, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” I’ll have the second half of this list next month — and remember I’m always eager to hear your comments. Contact me at or at 847.770.6303.



Michael Menn

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