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Remodeling Resolutions You Won’t Want To Break

Posted on February 7th, by Michael in Remodeling, Renovation. Comments Off on Remodeling Resolutions You Won’t Want To Break

Part 2 of 2


Last month, I posted these five resolutions for your upcoming remodeling projects in 2014:


1)        Put a high value on your time.

2)        Seek inspiration.

3)        Set realistic goals and budgets for your remodeling.

4)        Spend more time with family and friends.

5)        Optimize, not maximize.


To complete the set, here are the final five:


6)        Learn from the best.


Hire professional architects, interior designers and remodelers who belong to professional organizations.


Why is this important?  Credentialed professionals are qualified by third parties in their fields of expertise. Members of AIA (American Institute of Architects), ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), NAHBR (National Association of Home Builders Remodelers) and NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) are required to maintain their credentials by attending education seminars about the latest codes and trends.


7)        Make memories everyday.


When you finally decide to move forward with your new home, addition, or remodeling project, create a space you will be proud of and one where your family and friends will always talk about. Have the vision!


Why is this important?  Your living area is one of your most important tangible assets and the place where you spend the most time. Life is often forgettable and moves at lightening speed, so slow down and take the time to make your new space a memorable environment you can share with others.




8)        Live in the moment.


When you are not working, you are spending time in your home so why not create an environment you enjoy.


Why is this important?  Most people spend at least 8 hours a day working. In today’s society it is probably closer to 11 with travel time. So when you are relaxing or socializing – enjoy being in the moment. Work will always be there.


9)        Don’t lose sight of what you want.


Always remember why you started down this path of remodeling or renovating. Take the time to ascertain what is going to make your life better and keep this goal in the forefront. . Work on your budget beforehand, be honest with the professional you hire and move forward with a realistic budget and time frame.


Why is this important?  Too many people jump into a remodeling or renovation project without spending some time deciding on actually what they want, how much they want to invest and within what time frame. This ends up becoming a waste of time for everyone involved, including you.


10)      Celebrate your team.


When you hire a team (architect, interior designer, remodeler, landscaper, etc.) it requires the collective assets of everyone to bring a project to reality. The best teams are made of people who enjoy this collaborative environment and help each other do their best work. Whenever it happens, it deserves a round of applause.


Why is this important? Everyone appreciates being thanked for a job well done, by their own team members, by their peers, and of course by their clients. It’s simple to do and it goes a long way toward building future satisfaction.



I would like to finish with a poem I found that truly affected me:


Soil, water, air and sunlight,

Joining in grand reunion,

Now rise up, look around, laugh,

And recognize one another.


This is the ancient truth

Woven into the fabric of being:

One in all and all in one;



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Michael Menn


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