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Oh, the shower experience!

Posted on March 10th, by Michael Menn in Bath Suite Projects. Comments Off on Oh, the shower experience!

Various luxury showers, steam showers and shower enclosures are as unique as they are popular.

Everybody has their own individual preferences and needs, but everybody wants to have a quality shower experience each and every time they wash.

Double showerheads can maximize space whilst giving you a totally luxurious shower experience that won’t create half of your body to freeze when you enter the shower. Two-person showers and separate shower and bath installations are also becoming increasingly popular with the larger bathrooms.


Like any water fixture, there are a million different designs and materials: plastic, brass, metallic, traditional, or contemporary; the options are limitless. So even if you’re replacing your old head with one of these dual faucets, there shouldn’t be a problem matching the new product to your bathroom’s pre-existing decor. Also, there are a few different types of models out there to choose from:

  • Handheld: Instead of keeping it stationary, re-define the idea of a dual showerhead. Maybe you simply need an additional, movable spout that can be handheld for more customized versatility and more control of the water source.
  • Vertical: Instead of the spouts being bifurcated above your head, why not have they installed vertically along the wall of the shower. It’s like a whirlpool while standing up.
  • Opposite Sides: Instead of the fixtures being affixed to a single pipe in one central location, why not install two different heads opposite each other. You’ll be surrounded in a cascade of water for total front and back immersion. Plus, if showering for two, no one will have to worry about being left out in the cold.
  • Body Sprays: These smaller shower heads can be placed around the shower to give the option of additional water spray from the front, back or sides. There are a variety of spray options available, from a gentle sensual experience to a more vigorous and powerful sensation all produced from a multitude of massage jets.

There are also a variety of shower doors available such as the framed doors; however these are becoming less popular with the standard shower enclosures. The frameless alternative requires a much thicker glass and sturdier hinges and may or may not include a header, which runs across the top of the enclosure to add stability and support to the glass. The thicker glass might be 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick, which results in a more expensive product. Classic door configurations like single swing or sliding are possibilities while newer designs re-define the shower enclosure door completely.


Glass choice is an important consideration to make when selecting a shower door. A few factors can come into play that might encourage a homeowner to choose from the obscured or patterned variety. Privacy is one consideration. An obscured glass will actually cover up the shower occupant a lot more something aging couples in particular seek. Within the patterned glass family there are countless styles, including fluted, beveled and etched patterns. Patterned glass styles and their accompanying names are as numerous as the companies that manufacture them and can add flair and artistry to a room’s overall aesthetic charm. Clear glass remains the most popular choice for doors, and it suits the shower or bathroom that will include stylish tiles, fixtures and shower accessories worth showing off and making visible.

Whatever your preference, the variety of showers, shower enclosures and accessories now readily available for the homeowners are almost endless giving an abundance of choices that will suit all budgets.




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