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Mid-Year Kitchen Trends

Posted on June 27th, by Michael Menn in Kitchens. Comments Off on Mid-Year Kitchen Trends

Mid-Year Kitchen Trends

Can you believe we’re already well into June? Seems this year has just flown by. If you’re wondering what is trending in kitchens this year, I have a few things that are popping up on my radar that are evolving trends to watch!


  • Style: Definitely more straight lines (no fussy details) and simpler door styles (Shaker seems to be King!)
  • Colors: White still reigns as one of the most popular kitchen colors, but I am seeing a trend in my own clients toward warmer woods (mid- darker colors). Greys are still getting a lot of traction but a surprising color that is emerging is Navy! It can be done in a dark hue that works with both other painted finishes like whites and with wood tones. A big surprise, but interesting!

Cabinet Accessories: Everyone wants to utilize their storage better and here are some creative ways to do that!

  • Cabinet inserts that allow you to pull them down and access what is in those wall cabinets (great for living in place!)
  • Dedicated cabinet inserts to organize all those plastic food storage containers
  • Corner cabinet pull-outs that allow you to utilize that dead space for great storage


  • Believe it or not, brass is coming back! It’s a little more refined and much less Colonial and works great with whites and greys!
  • Brushed and polished nickel are still very popular

Appliances and Plumbing: “Smart” appliances that can be controlled from your phone are here. It’s not a “Jetson’s” world just yet, but we’re definitely closer!

  • There are ovens that can be programmed from your phone so that when you arrive home the oven is already pre-heated.
  • Refrigerators can keep track of both what’s in your fridge and its freshness – good to know when that carton of milk is about to go bad!
  • Faucets that can operate on voice commands with precision. Tell it to pour 8 oz. of cold water and that’s what you get!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick update to keep you in the know!

Catherine Schager – Catherine Schager Designs

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