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Dining Room Design

Posted on August 17th, by Michael Menn in Dining Rooms. Comments Off on Dining Room Design

Dining Room Design

Is it time to transition your old, outdated dining room into a modern, eclectic masterpiece?  Trying to decide how to decorate your very first dining room?  For whatever reason dining rooms are on your mind, here are a few tips to help you on your journey…

1. Pick Out The Perfect Table

First, you need to determine what type of table caters to your style, and to the function of the room. What kind of ambiance do you want your dining room to have?  Is it going to be a formal space, used only on special occasions or when you have company?  Or do you want it to feel more casual and lived in, since you’ll might be using it on a daily basis? Traditionally, dark wood finishes add more formality to a room, while lighter finishes and painted finishes create a more casual feel.

Formal dining room with dark wood finishes.

Next, you need to think about sizes.  You don’t want to overcrowd the room with the table.  How many people will be sitting at it regularly?  Do you have small children? Do you plan on having dinner guests frequently?  Ask yourself these kinds of questions in order to establish what size and shape of dining table will best fit your expectations and needs.

2. Get Creative With Your Chairs

Nowadays, you don’t have to purchase a traditional “set” for your dining room, in fact, the old rules of everything having to match in a room don’t apply anymore!  Even in a formal dining room the chairs don’t have to be the same. Be eclectic and reflect your own unique personality.  Look for as many different styles of chairs as you can find and stagger them around your table.  The options are endless- wooden, upholstered, metal, leather, etc!  The more the better!

If you have a casual dining room, there are even more options! Instead of pairing wooden chairs with your casual wood table, try using a couple of rattan chairs for a natural, earthy feel. Lots of people are using a cool bench on one side of the table and chairs on the other for a unique look!  Don’t forget to go funky with color!

3. Say Hello to Fabulous Rugs and Colorful Curtains

Incorporating a bright, happy rug is a must!  Getting the right size of rug is essential.  Take a look at the room, and determine what size of area you want to cover.  You don’t want something that is wall to wall, but at the same time you want to make sure that all of the furniture you intend to sit on the rug will fit comfortably.  When picking out a rug for under your kitchen table, make sure that when the chairs are untucked, they will still be on the rug.  You don’t want any half on, half off business.

Curtains can really make or break a room!  Make sure that your curtains really enhance the overall look and style that you are trying to create.  Don’t be afraid to be bold with color and pick out big patterns!  Go big or go home!


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