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An Inspiring View

Posted on March 9th, by Michael Menn in Uncategorized. Comments Off on An Inspiring View

I have designed a lot of high-rise condominiums and apartments over the years.  While what people want varies, one consistent theme is that they want to maximize “the view.”  No wonder.  Great views can be inspirational.  When you’re deep in thought, taking a look at the golf course, or the water, or the skyline, can clear your head.  A great view is also something wonderful to wake up to, or to gaze at in the evening.

So, here are some of my views on views.

  1. Before you purchase the unit, consider the orientation and the location of the individual rooms.  That will determine what you will see, and which room you will see it from.
  2. As with anything related to your condo or apartment, make sure you know what the association bylaws say you can and cannot do.  This can be anything from what you can put on the floor to work hours.
  3. Try to view other units in this building or other buildings and find inspiration in what others have done.

Now, here are some specific things you can consider.

  1. Your kitchen most likely will be in the interior of the apartment.  So if you want to enjoy a view from the kitchen, consider breaking down a wall.  That also creates a more open feel to your unit.
  2. Where do you put the TV relative to the windows?  It might be nice to be able to watch TV and look out the window at the same time.  But check to make sure there is no glare.  If there is glare, window treatments can eliminate it, but they also eliminate the view.
  3. Where do you put the bed?    Many people who have bedrooms offering spectacular views like to have the bed facing the window, so they can wake up to it.  For sure, do not block the windows with furniture.
  4. You do not want lighting to distract from your view.  So don’t have lights point at the window – more likely than not, this will create glare.
  5. If you have a balcony, maximize its use.  Put a comfortable chair or two there so you can read or chat while gazing out.  Also consider a small table to hold a beverage or snack.  Those are my views.  What are yours?


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