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10 Things To Think About For Your Master Suite

Posted on July 10th, by Michael Menn in Complete Home Projects, Master Suites, Trends. Comments Off on 10 Things To Think About For Your Master Suite

Master Suites

Your home is your castle, so spoil yourself with an absolutely unforgettable master suite to call your own. The bedroom is the space where your day begins and ends, as such; it should be as beautiful as it is functional with fabulous custom details to reflect your personality and individual style. From color palettes and bed linens to storage solutions for closets, each and every detail should be carefully planned to meet your daily needs.

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One of the most common home additions or renovations is a new master bedroom. Whether you bought an older home in an established neighborhood and the current bedroom lacks amenities, or you have sent your offspring out into the world and are ready spend money on yourself, there are a few things with which you might want to spoil yourself.

But where do you start? Some suites can be designed as only a sleeping area with closets and either an attached or detached bathroom. Others may go in an entirely different route with a sleeping area, a sitting area, where you can read or watch TV without bothering your partner, multiple closets and a killer bathroom that may have separate vanities, enclosed toilet room, and a separate shower and tub area.

What’s right for you? Well that depends on the space you can allocate for the suite, the money you have to invest in the design and construction and the time it takes to become reality.
So, what might you want to include in your dream bedroom? Here are 10 things to consider making your slumber land a dream come true.


1. Location 

Your primary concern with a new master bedroom should be its location. This is probably the most difficult and complicated decision of the adding-on/remodeling process. You want to know how your new bedroom will relate to the landscape, or if it even can, if it is not on the ground floor. You also have to consider privacy and how the circulation of the layout will work with the rest of the plan.

2. Access to the Outdoors

Once you have defined a good position for your new bedroom, think about its access to the outdoors. In the past it was less common to have direct exterior access from a bedroom. Current trends indicate a preference for master bedrooms on the ground level with doors opening onto private patios and garden spaces.


3. Windows

Moving past doors, your next concern should be the windows. Studies show that darker rooms induce sounder sleep. Of course, you are not always sleeping; finding a balance between light and dark takes some careful planning.

Outdoor34. Views

If you are fortunate enough to have views, take full advantage of them. You don’t have to have an ocean view, views into gardens, swimming pools and courtyards can be just as dramatic.


5. A Sitting Area

Another common trend is to provide a sitting room within the master bedroom. Designs can even feel like a small living room, as in this house. These spaces can be very quiet places where you can get away and spend time writing, reading or just contemplating. If a sitting area is on your wish list, allow at least an extra 150 square feet of space to accommodate furnishings.

6. A Fireplace

A fireplace provides the perfect focal point for any room. If you want one in your bedroom, work with your architect or designer to determine how much emphasis it should have. The traditional stone fireplace in this room dominates, but modern gas fireplaces of all shapes and sizes can be found to coordinate with your design and taste. Keep in mind that there are many municipalities in major metropolitan areas where wood-burning fireplaces are no longer allowed.

High Rise Michael Menn Ltd.7. The Ceiling

If there is any room in your house where you will be frequently looking at the ceiling, the bedroom is it. Even if you have a flat ceiling, finishes of infinite varieties are available to create an enchanting space. Consider that if this space had a flat ceiling, even the addition of ceiling planks alone would be a very nice touch

8. Lighting

From candleholders to hidden alcoves, bedrooms offer plenty of opportunities for creative uses of artificial lighting. The bedroom in this luxury home relies on various light sources. The crystal chandelier provides a glittery display; bedside lamps provide intimate and personal illumination; while cove lighting at the cornice molding gives a romantic glow and accentuates the ceiling detail. And don’t forget about candles; nothing provides more intimacy than these. Consider dimmer switches and avoid recessed cans in the ceiling of a bedroom. Remember, you will frequently be looking up, and it can be unpleasant to have your partner suddenly flip a switch and blind you as if you were in an interrogation room.

Bathroom with full amenities9. Entertainment

Not everyone wants a television in the bedroom, but this is a desirable amenity for some. Carefully consider placement and whether you want a built-in, as seen in this bedroom. Even if you prefer no TV, music can add another pleasant dimension. It may be as simple as providing a couple of strategically placed small wireless speakers

10. A Theme

Finally, give your new bedroom a theme. For example, a tropically inspired space is a coherent, peaceful and restful retreat.


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